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Chigoe Creek Staffs

Welcome friends and wanderers! Amble on in and discover an amazing collection of lovingly crafted, unique and interesting works of wood. We offer for your perusal creations that range from the simply beautiful-to-behold for enhancing everyday life to the truly mystical with powerful metaphysical tools crafted for ritiual, ceremonial and magical practices.

Wizard's Staff

crystal ball wizard staff

You will find an ever-evolving array of hand-hewn hiking and walking sticks along with a collection of my signature Cedar Wizard Staffs - minimally altered red cedar staves topped by spellbindingly gnarled natural root formations reminiscent of Gandalf the Grey's "Staff of Power."

We also make wood display stands for gem and mineral specimens, home & garden accents featuring Natural Sculptures, free-form and lathe-turned clocks as well as rustic log tables and benches.

Natural Wood Sculptures

Natural Wood Sculptures bring the pure artistry of Mother Nature to your home or garden. Incredibly beautiful Red Cedar and Dogwood direct my hands in subtle shap-shifting. My contribution essentially consists of little more than smoothing and preserving what is an already existing, inherently perfect work of Nature's art. I admit to having succumbed to the occasional overwhelming urge to blingify. Intermingling crystals and minerals with wood helps. And once in a while when the squirrels and tree frogs align just so, for a fleeting instant, the wood, the rock and I become One.

Custom Work Always Welcomed!

Wizard staffs and Sticks can be sized or personalized to virtually any specification desired. We carry a huge selection of crystals, minerals, gemstones, beading, leather, feathers, etc. Should we not have something on hand you want for your staff, chances are we can get it.

Contact us for more info. on custom crafted sticks today and let's create an heirloom quality walking stick or staff to tell your story for generations to come.



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Cedar Root Wizard Staffs Staves Hiking & Walking Sticks by Mark Gaskins

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." ~ Albert Einstein

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