Wizard Staffs, Staves and Walking Sticks of Red Cedar & Other Southeastern Hardwoods

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Natural Wood Gem and Mineral Display Stands

Natural Wood Formation Display Stands

natural wooden displays for spheres crystals mineral specimins

Our sphere displays and stands are made primarily from the wood of eastern red cedar trees. Once the life-cycle of a cedar comes to an end, it begins an amazing process of transformation by way of decomposition. As the soft, outer wood of the red cedar slowly breaks down, a striking red core appears revealing an intriguing display of distinctive cedar grain and burl.  The wood at the heart of a red cedar is naturally resistant to decomposition, therefore, many of these  trees have awaited discovery for decades.  I carefully select the individual trees I want to harvest based on each one's particular character and unique charm. Once selected and gathered from the forest, I inspect, clean and minimally shape the wood of each piece with great respect for the natural artistry of the wood grain, merely calling forth the designs carved by the hand of Mother Nature herself.




Sorry Folks!

The sphere, gem and mineral display stands are available, we're just way behind in gettin' 'em here for you to see. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.



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Wood Spirits

Known by many names: Wood Spirit, Wild Man, Savage Man or Woodwose. The next time you stroll through the woods, keep an eye out for you may be fortunate enough to encounter one of these elusive beings. (more)


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