Wizard Staffs, Staves and Walking Sticks of Red Cedar & Other Southeastern Hardwoods

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Making Wizard Staffs & Walking Sticks

Staffs and Sticks in the Making

beginnings of a cedar wizards staffMy Wizard Staffs and Walking Sticks are fashioned from eastern red cedar and other southeastern hardwoods I collect from the nearby forests along the Georgia side of the Savannah River..

I like working with cedar wood in particular. The most special of trees are found still-standing years after having died, beautifully preserved and cured by residual cedar oils. The gnarled root clusters remain buried underground and intact, magical treasures waiting to be discovered and fulfill a higher purpose in becoming a wizard-worthy staff.

One would be amiss not to share such enchantingly beautiful natural formations. Be they cedar, maple, hickory, red oak, white oak, persimmon, elm, crepe myrtle, sparkle berry, redbud, or plain ol' sweet gum. Some of which on rare occasions will be adorned in trumpet, jasmine, muscadine and other vine trinkets. 

The Gathering

Each of our Wizard Staffs has been carefully selected for its unique character and charm. Since red cedar is naturally resistant to moisture and decay, trees may take years to cure and decades to completely decompose. As the decaying process begins the receding bark slowly reveals signs of other life in an intricate display amidst the grain of the wood. A new cycle of life emerges as wood boring carpenter bees sculpt long cavities through the red core of the tree and small worms carve runes into the smooth white bark. Once gathered, the staffs are cleaned and shaped following the form of the wood's natural beauty and a protective sealer is applied followed by lacquer and a urethane finish. At this point the staffs that display the best root clusters are singled out and set aside to represent pure root staffs. The remainder are studied for form and size to determine the most fitting embellishments for matching the staff's unique personality. Among the embellishments used are single crystals, crystal spheres, gem and mineral spheres along with copper and silver accents and protective tips.

wizard staffsSome of my staffs are commissioned to use as ritual or ceremonial tools, while others may become theatrical props and costume accessories, a few have actually been purchased for display purposes. All Chigoe Creek staffs are functional as walking or hiking aids, however, given the cedar tree's ancient ties to spiritual endeavors throughout history, I believe my cedar root staffs are particularly well-suited and worthy of a Wizard's work.

Each staff is smudged and blessed and crystals are cleared prior to packing and shipping to a new home. These uniquely individual wooden staffs are natural masterpieces of the highest quality available on the market today. Each and every one carries my personal guarantee of satisfaction.

Legend of The Cedar Tree




Wood Works

Wood Spirits

Known by many names: Wood Spirit, Wild Man, Savage Man or Woodwose. The next time you stroll through the woods, keep an eye out for you may be fortunate enough to encounter one of these elusive beings. (more)


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