Wizard Staffs, Staves and Walking Sticks of Red Cedar & Other Southeastern Hardwoods

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Wood Work

Cedar Wood Wizard Staffs

cedar root wizard staffs with quartz crystal Our cedar wood Wizard Staffs are made from eastern red cedar root burl and other southeastern hardwoods collected from local forests. Wood varieties include; maple, hickory, red oak, white oak, persimmon, elm, crepe myrtle, sparkle berry, redbud, and gum. A special few are found naturally adorned with muscadine, jasmine, honeysuckle, wisteria, and trumpet vines.

Uses for our hand-hewn wooden staffs include cleansing rituals, invocations, spiritual ceremonies, metaphysical healing, walking, hiking, gothic attire, renaissance reenactments and of course as tools for your basic garden variety wizardry. These are the finest quality and most individually unique wooden wizard staffs available. Each one carries my personal guarantee of satisfaction.

Walking Sticks

Our walking stick collection features high-quality walking sticks, hiking staffs and canes made from Eastern Red Cedar and White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory, Elm, Maple, Sweet Gum, Pine and other trees native to the southeast. Available in all sizes from the smallest to the tallest. All are reliable and sturdy with a beautiful waterproof finish. Decorative embellishments including; crystals, gems and minerals, parrot feathers, leather lacing and copper are offered as well.

All handcrafted sticks, canes and staffs are tree-friendly, made from naturally occurring deadfall that has been collected from local Georgia forests.




Natural Gem & Mineral Display Stands

Beautiful natural wood display stands in both freeform and turned variations. These one-of-a-kind stands are an attractive and unique way to display your Crystal Ball, Mineral Spheres, free-standing Crystals and clusters or Mineral specimens.

display stands crystal balls spheres crystals

Mineral Spheres on Display Stands

Display stands are minimally shaped and sanded in order to showcase Mother Nature's own magnificent artistry. Wooden displays make a fitting resting place for healing stones and Light-worker's tools.

Clocks & Rustic Furniture

Clocks are made from Eastern Red Cedar and Red and White Oak trees and have precision quartz workings. Available in a variety of natural free-form shapes or lathe turned designs.
Rustic tables are made from White and Red Oak, Hickory, and Red Cedar. Some feature a natural root burl base creating an amazing sculptured look. Rustic benches are made from Oak, Hickory and Red Cedar logs split in half sanded smooth then fitted with sturdy legs and finished with sealer, lacquer and urethane.

You can also find artful, hand-painted Adirondack Chairs and outdoor furniture by visiting our sister site Cyna Unltd ArtDeco Dreamcatchers & Jewelry using this link.



Wood Works

Wood Spirits

Known by many names: Wood Spirit, Wild Man, Savage Man or Woodwose. The next time you stroll through the woods, keep an eye out for you may be fortunate enough to encounter one of these elusive beings. (more)


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Cedar Root Wizard Staffs Staves Hiking & Walking Sticks by Mark Gaskins

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